• Eyelash extensions look their best for the first 2 weeks of wear. They shed off of the natural lash and need to be replaced. 3 weeks is the most common period to go before seeing your technician for a lash fill.


  • Keep your lashes clean! Although over washing can make your extensions fall off prematurely, do not ignore cleansing them. Use a clean eye shadow brush and oil free cleanser to gently wash your lid and lash line.


  • Avoid wearing makeup on or too close to the lashes. Makeup contains ingredients that gum up in the lash line and dissolve the adhesive. Ask your technician for our "lash safe" products.


  • Arrive for your appointment with clean eyes. Having your technician remove leftover sleep, eye makeup and foundation will decrease the application time by up to 30minutes.


  • If you have naturally fine, weak eyelashes, we may recommend you use a lash conditioner to promote healthy growth while you wear extensions.


  • Do not to rub, pull, snag or sleep on your lashes. Do not soak freshly done lashes for the first 24 hours.


  • If you experience a reaction, please contact us immediately. Flush the lash area with cool water for 15 minutes, hourly, over several hours. Taking an anti-histamine may be helpful. Reactions are not common but do occur and normally resolve within a few days.