Microblading, otherwise known as "feathered" or "embroidery brow" is the newest trend in semi-permanent makeup artistry.

Using blends of  high-quality, natural shades of tattoo pigment, our specially trained microblading tehnicians enhance and recreate the eyebrows to achieve symmetry, balance and natural. lasting colour.


No more fussing with your brows or worrying about going brow-less on vacation or while enjoying your favourite activities. Corrective treatments are available.

Consultation is required for all new Microblading clients.
Consultation and treatment are done on separate days only.





Microblading Consult | Free



Microblading First Session (second session required)  *consult required | $350



Microblading Second Session  (required 4 weeks after first session) | $150


Microblading Touch Up After 6months | $150 - $200



Touch up Faded Brow After 2 years | $150-$250

Pigment Lightening (may require multiple sessions) |  $200 per session



Microblading Correction *other technicians work  *consult required | $200 per session